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Eroticism with a smile.

We design and produce kinky stuff such as sex toys and clothing.
Ironic, iconic, allusive and 100% made in Italy!

That’s the fil rouge which accompanies VIVI’s designs, from sex toys to clothing to furniture and jewellery. Our products, which are often rather ironic, allusive and playful, want to clear and declare the daily inclination each one of us has towards eros, because as we know:

“Eroticism is part of the human soul and no one is devoid of it.”

Quality and safety are indispensable in every VIVI product, which is why we make every single product with the utmost care.

Quality first.

“Age Quod Agis.”

Do what you do [well].

We design and produce our products using premium quality and safe materials such as silicone, wood and leather.

All of our silicone products are made using Platinum Cure Silicone and  specially formulated colouring pigments. Silicone isn’t porous, so the toys are bacteria-safe if cleaned correctly, and – most importantly – it does not contain carcinogens nor toxins.

Wooden paddles and handles are finished with food grade wax, which is 100% natural, solvent-free and totally non-toxic.

Wooden dildos and plugs are finished with a natural and biologic paint, certified in accordance with EN-71 regulations. Products are also tested in ph environments ranging from 4 to 8, just like those they are designed for.


Research and development aimed at sensational sensations.

Concept , design, prototype, test, feedback and repeat. This sounds good to us, as good as our products will feel on you.

We spent a lot of time and trials trying to develop every single product, aiming to give you the best in terms of quality, sensations and use.

Your satisfaction is our reward.

Everyday, Everwhere.

Vivi’s kinky mood is diluted in allusive, ironic and iconic prints for everyday life.

We aim to clear and declare the daily inclination each one of us has towards eros, because as we know:

“eroticism is part of the human soul and no one is devoid of it.”

All the products are entirely Made in Italy and, as usual, we aim to deliver high quality and durable goods.

Our collections are tailored in line with the most modern streetwear trends, using 120 gram premium cotton.

Custom productions.

Tailor made designs for parties, shops, groups and privates.

We can design and produce custom editions dedicated to your party, shop or anything else.

The process to conceptualise, design or re-design a products it takes a while, so we need to evaluate with you the project step by step, and its costs need to be matched with the final product: gadget, b2c, others…

We have an entire design team, studio and machinery available to meet your needs. You only need to contact us:

– Concept and design

– Sketch and 3D Modeling

– 3D Printing and CNC carving

– Silicone casting, wood, leather and metal working


To carry, protect and take care.

All our products have dedicated packaging that has been developed specifically for them in collaboration with an external company, 100% Made in Italy too.

The products are accompanied by an elegant box with a magnetic closure and a soft fabric case to store and protect your toy.

Larger products and clothing are also accompanied by a protective and waterproof envelope.

An amazing sticker and an explanatory card top it off.