Bambooyeah Flogger 80cm Long


“Go by women? Do not forget the whip! ”
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

… and if a philosopher says it …

Do not be intimidated by elegance, the bolder Bambooyeah Flogger has been re-designed with strings 80cm long to give you real and different feelings: if used gently it can stimulate the erogenous parts of your body and accompany your emotions to the top; if used more forcefully it will pinch you maliciously by giving you unforgettable shivers and, for those who whip, a strong sense of domination … try to believe !!


Handle and structure carved out of bamboo, environmentally friendly and durable. Food grade wax finish, 100% natural and solvent free. Fringes in genuine leather: your sex toy is completely safe.

Laser marked VIVI® Kinky Minded Design logo.

Package Content:

  • 1 Bambooyeah Flogger
  • Magnetic box
  • Fabric case
  • Product’s label
  • Sticker VIVI™


Additional information

Dimensions 46.5 × 7.5 × 1.6 cm



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