Funny and colorful ornament by the day, tasty sex toy by the night!

“They were spines that went into the soul and became flowers.”
(Alda Merini)

Let a Cocktus enter in yours life that, as Merini says, will light up new emotions.
Its shape has been specially designed to increase pleasure for all the senses, for her and for him: its “spines” help internal stimulation, while the little arm, moving on the clitoris, increases sensitivity and pleasure.

Made with body safe Platinum Cure Silicone and specially formulated colouring pigments, totally non toxic. Little jar made in PLA, natural derivation polymer: your sex toy is completely safe.

Package Content:

  • 1 Cocktus
  • 1 Jar
  • Magnetic box
  • Fabric case
  • Product’s label
  • Sticker VIVI™


Additional information




dildo 18cm X Ø4cm max / Ø2.5cm minvasetto 4.7cm X Ø6cm max / Ø4.5cm min

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