Spank Pong Play Set


Players are put on a par: one with Spank Pong Paddle and the other with Spank Pong Balls.
Those who “puts in the hole” all “balls”, WINS … the other will be punished!

Paddle’s handle and structure carved out of bamboo, environmentally friendly and durable. Coating pad in genuine leather. Food grade wax finish, 100% natural and solvent free. Beads made with body safe Platinum Cure Silicone and specially formulated colouring pigments, totally non toxic: your sex toy is completely safe.

Package Content:

  • 1 Spank Pong Paddle
  • 1 Anal Beads
  • Fabric case
  • Product’s label
  • Sticker VIVI™


Additional information


Black, Blue

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